Observing Site + Rules

About the Observing Site

CalStar is fortunate because the physical layout of the site allows us to separate different groups of guests. First a quick summary of the various areas and the areas intended use

  • Dark Enforced Area – Also known as the baseball diamond. This is where all of the hardcore astronomers will be observing. Since night vision is the most precious asset at a star party, this area imposes the most draconian rules on light usage and access. All entering this area are required to comply. Do not enter this area with a vehicle after dark.
  • Casual Area – This area also has rules to restrict light usage and access, but the rules are not as severe as in the Dark Enforced Area.
  • Late Arrival/Early Departure – This area has rules that are more like a weekend star party. You can enter the area after dark and leave the area before morning. This area is actually larger than the Dark Area and has been sparsely used.

Observing Site Layout and Rules

Common Rules for All Areas

  • Driving at the observing site: the speed limit is simple…go slowly enough not to raise dust. Please avoid driving after 7 pm when optics are open.
  • Quiet hours are dusk until noon. During that time please no music, excessively loud talking, or running vehicles to recharge batteries. Remember, people are up late and need to sleep in the following morning. Please be considerate.
  • Leave your campsite site clean. Pick up your trash and cigarette butts.
  • Everyone comes to have fun. Make an effort to keep that in mind should any small difficulties occur.

Contributors: RJH, Jim Bartolini, KFB, CW.