Camping + Accommodations

2022 Camping Fees

Camping is $45 per day. Price is per vehicle.  Please tell the ranger (or mark on your iron ranger form) you are attending the “star party” in the overflow camping area. Pay the rate posted at the gate.

Ask for directions to the OVERFLOW campground. It is very easy to find. Campsites have  portapotties. Do not count on there being potable water. Bring enough for your stay.  The overflow campground is bounded by large trees to camp under, leave your equipment set up on the large observing field.

FREE showers nearby at Redonda Vista Campgrounds.

RV’s: full hookups available at Redonda Vista Campgrounds, or no-hookups at the observing site. Note, the full park and its campsites may not be open during the spring event. Please check with the park if you you want to stay in the other campgrounds as they may not be available at the time of our spring event.

Information on  Lake San Antonio Resort. A limited number of rental cabins are available in the park.

Some lodging outside the park can be found at:

LSA is located at least 45 minutes from 101.

Contributors: Charlie Wicks, KFB, JAD